Friday, 16 December 2016


a grenade lives in the mouth of the girl you're in love with
tonight you will kiss her
& it will explode
pieces of you in her mouth melting
from holy wafers
to ashes
& troubled water
as she lies naked as sweat running down the gutter of your back
a foetus in a bomb crater...
in your eyes she will face vagina to the wander of stars
piss in the mouths of your gods
who fuck boars & hunt whores
before her teeth–the black canines of night reaps you apart
bread at the last supper
because you’re without-a shadow split in two
you're the finding asking what light is
if not a scar emptied into too much night
you're alone
an adulterer at the dusty sole of christ
quotations of stone soon to be scribed upon your back...
there was a war fully formed
inside the deep-sleeping bone of a latter boy
who made of her cartographies leading to intimacies you'll never know
giving blind ears to calls of POWs fleeing her throat
when your tongue yet stroked below & her head fell back in song
still you do not flee with them
you've confused love for foot that knows from where it does not come
forgetting you are only boy
& regrettably so
an excuse to hate road when you're missing home
to love
& leave her fragments of yourself
even when she lets go long enough to throw you up...

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