Thursday, 15 December 2016


flock above all sweet sorrow flock above this city of
nameless bodies like a symphony of stars mangazing
twinkling their last – a break of fast over my daunted heart

let me watch you fly the long way home spread your spiteful
wings to find repose in the elasticity of air watch you breathe your
final feuds of fire for the first time…

you visit my lowly chambers solely at night like a horny
husband loiter over everything over my
wandering dreams slit wrists & unrequited sins as though
my satanic soul is not nocturnal enough to serenade
sacraments to peaceful sleep in the tabernacles of hell

but by certain prognoses you’re not only sweet slothful
sorrow you’re orgasmic as the genitalic explosion
of a drone bee in its queen mother

because the grave is aesthetic almost as artful as a serpent’s
gait & we who languish on its fences in the name of country
love or other maladies soon will demand new names
in exchange of lunacy

we whose bodies are roaming cities soon will
lose ourselves in finding

so flock above all sweet sorrow flock the unscrupulous sun
like a lump of human dung squats on this puddle of blood
& the flies flock too like democrats in my country brooding
earnestly at the goodwill of guns guns without silencers
c h a n t i n g the will of god…

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