Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ode | by JK Anowe | Poetry

my heart explodes

with you

and i sink

sink deeper

into the malevolence

to chase light

from the darkness

sink because

i cannot wade

my way up

through the fire

through the smoke

through tears

that stream down

to water flowers of evil...

through gusts of ashes

like a fleet of locusts

filling our breaths

even our deaths

with travelogues...

you fear you never

will be whole again

lost in the echoes

of your own silence

in the throes

of your palatable desolation

the sun goes down

and the leaves turn

a crimson brown

as the wind has nowhere

to blow...

but i sink

sink because

there's succour

in falling

knowing you will

never rise up

...knowing you are free

as water...

...knowing you are nothing

but that graphic aftermath

of absence...


  1. This was beautiful! The unassuming melancholy flows smoothly . . .